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ASRock ION3D 152D Mini Barebone SYSASRI3302F Atom D525, NVIDIA GT218-ION, DVD-RW, GBL, VGA/HDMI, Black, 1yr

ASRock ION3D 152D Mini Barebone SYSASRI3302F Atom D525, NVIDIA GT218-ION, DVD-RW, GBL, VGA/HDMI, Black, 1yr


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Supporting industry's leading audio solution of the DTS Connect, ASRock ION 3D brings the cinema quality sound for your HTPC. With more personal computers being used as home media centers, DTS Connect is the perfect solution to enhance your entertainment experience by using your home theater's Audio/Video receiver. To deliver the best quality sound for users, ASRock ION 3D supports 7.1 CH HD Audio with DTS Connect technology, it will surely be your perfect choice for a professional HTPC.
HDMI 1.4a
Keeping you in tune with life, the ASRock ION 3D allows users to enjoy the next dimension in HTPC entertainment. ASRock ION 3D is equipped with HDMI 1.4a output which supports 3D formats for movie and game.
Supporting data transfer rate up to 5Gb/s and 10X faster than USB2.0 with optimized power efficiency. USB3.0 promises a major leap forward transfer speed and capacity.
Turn Your iPhone Into Gamejoystick
Wanna play PC games like Wii? ASRock AIWI software makes your dreams come true! Using ASRock AIWI to connect your apple devices to the ASRock HTPC via WLAN, then you can interact with PC games with delicate touches and body motion while getting responsive shakes and vibrations that correspond to the game stores.
ASRock App Charger
Fast Charge & Charge Anytime
Simply installing the App Charger driver, it makes your iPhone charge up to 40% faster than before. ASRock App Charger supports continuous charging when your PC enters Standby mode (S1), Suspend to RAM (S3), hibernation mode (S4) or power off (S5). The App Charger technology has been fully applied on ASRock Full series motherboards.
High speed WiFi 802.11n
ASRock ION 3D series mini HTPC is equipped with two invisible antennas (placed in a vertical/horizontal position) hidden inside the front panel, which provide larger signal coverage and faster connection speed. With the unrestricted-direction antennas design, the HTPC can be used as the wireless network receiver, as well as the network bandwidth sharing device. ASRock ION 3D series support 802.11n wireless network which provide better signal coverage and faster speed than ordinary network sharing devices.
Mini Size and Silent Operation
Mini size. Ultra silence. ASRock ION 3D has a volume of 2.5 liters only, which enables you to put inside the TV cabinet and connect it with LCD TV. Running a silent operation which is merely 24.1dB, ION 3D HTPC series ensure you an ultra silent computing environment as well.
Low Power Consumption
ASRock ION 3D series is an eco-friendly HTPC that reduces electricity cost through the unique power-saving components. Compared with desktop computer, ASRock ION 3D produces lower power consumption (merely 27W) and saves more power as well as electricity cost.
Ultra Durable
By using of 100% Japan-made high-quality conductive polymer capacitors which can extend the system life to at least 2.5 longer, ASRock ION 3D HTPC series provide the stability, reliability and longevity essential to meet the power, processor, and other components needs for running today’s most demanding applications and games.


ION 3D 152D
CPU- Intel® Atom™ D525 Dual Core Processor
OS- Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 7 64-bit / Vista™ / Vista™ 64-bit / XP / XP 64-bit compliant

*Due to VGA driver limitation, 3D function only supports Windows® 7 / 7 64-bit / Vista™ / Vista™ 64-bit.
Chipset- Mobile Intel® ICH8M chipset
VGA- NVIDIA® GT218-ION Graphics
ODD- DVD Super Multi
Front I/O- 2 x USB 3.0
- 1 x MIC
- 1 x Head Phone
Rear I/O- 1 x HDMI
- 1 x DVI-I
- 6 x USB 2.0
- 1 x S/PDIF
- 1 x D-Sub
LAN- Gigabit LAN
Sound- 7.1 CH HD Audio with DTS
WiFi- 802.11b/g/n
Remote Controller- MCE Remote Controller
Power Unit- 65W/19V Adapter
Dimension- 195mm(W) x 70mm(H) x 186mm(L)
Volume (liters)- 2.5L

  • Model: SYSASRI3302F
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  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Manufactured by: ASRock
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